Content Controls Greyed Out in Word 2016

Are your content Controls Greyed Out in Word 2016? When you want to create a form in Word 2016 that others can fill out, you can start with a template and add content controls. Content controls include things like check boxes, text boxes, date pickers, and drop-down lists. If you’re familiar with databases, these content […]

How to Draft Contracts of Employment for your Business

Do you need help drafting contracts of employment? This handy guide below should give you an excellent starting point. 1. Contractual terms 2. Information to be provided in writing 3. Varying terms and conditions of employment 1. Contractual terms All contracts of employment must contain the four essential elements necessary for all legally binding contracts. […]

How to Draft an Employee Handbook

1. Collating existing information. 2. What to include in an Employee Handbook. 3. Implementing a new Employee Handbook. 1. Collating existing information Most organisations will already have a range of written rules and procedures which operate on a day-to-day basis. • Regardless of their size, most organisations will also have a set of accepted practices, […]

Fifteen Useful Job Interview Questions for Employers

Doing an interview with a potential new employee and need some inspiration?  Here are Fifteen Useful Job Interview Questions for you to ask your interview candidate: What attracts you to this position? What do you enjoy most about your current position? Tell me about the biggest change you have had to deal with at work, How did […]

Your legal rights as an employee to time off work

Time off Work The law automatically gives you rights to take time off work in certain circumstances. This time off will not always be paid. This fact sheet is about these automatic rights. Your contract of employment may give you extra rights – check it to see what extra rights you have. If you do […]

Appraisal form based on Job Objectives

Appraisal form Use this model appraisal form to record the issues discussed at an employee’s performance appraisal meeting. Employee’s name: Job title: Department: Date of engagement: Manager: Date of meeting: Current Performance Objective/competence 1: (This section of the appraisal form should be used to record discussion on the key areas of the job, and include […]

Self Appraisal Form for Employees

Self Appraisal Name ………………………. Department ………………………. Date of appraisal __/__/____ Your next Appraisal Meeting will take place on: Date: __/__/____ Time: xx:xx Place ………………………. Purpose of the Appraisal Meeting To enable you to discuss, with your manager, your job performance and your future. The discussion should aim at a clearer understanding of: (a) The main […]