Self Appraisal Form for Employees

Self Appraisal
Name ……………………….
Department ……………………….
Date of appraisal __/__/____
Your next Appraisal Meeting will take place on:
Date: __/__/____
Time: xx:xx
Place ……………………….
Purpose of the Appraisal Meeting
To enable you to discuss, with your manager, your job performance and your future. The discussion should aim at a clearer understanding of:
(a) The main scope and purpose of your job
(b) Agreements on your objectives and tasks
(c) Standards or targets for measuring your performance
(d) Your training and future prospects
You can prepare for the meeting and discussion by completing this form.
You may show this form to your manager. This will give him or her time to consider your problems and suggestions. If you do so, it will not be copied or filed without your permission.
If you prefer, you can use this form for your own guidance only, and not show it to anyone.
You will be given the opportunity to read the appraisal form prepared by your manager; you will be able to add your comments, and sign the appraisal form.
Bring to the appraisal meeting:
• your current job description
• your current action plan

Self appraisal
Name ……………………….
1. Circle appropriate answers, and comment below
(a) Do you have an up-to-date job description? 0 Yes 0 No
(b) Do you have an up-to-date action plan? 0 Yes 0 No
(c) Do you understand all the requirements of your job? 0 Yes 0 No
(d) Do you have regular opportunities to discuss your work, and action plans? 0 Yes 0 No
(e) Have you carried out the improvements agreed with your manager which were made at the last appropriate meeting? 0 Yes 0 No
2. What have you accomplished, over and above the minimum requirements of your job description, in the period under review (consider the early part of the period as well as more recent events)? Have you made any innovations?
3. List any difficulties you have in carrying out your work. Were there any obstacles outside your own control which prevented you from performing effectively?
4. What parts of your job, do you:
(a) do best?
(b) do less well?

(c) have difficulty with?
(d) fail to enjoy?
5. Have you any skills, aptitudes, or knowledge not fully utilised in your job? If so, what are they and how could they be used?
6. Can you suggest training which would help to improve your performance or development?
7. Additional remarks, notes, questions, or suggestions

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